“I have had the extreme pleasure of partnering with Heidi during a critical time for our national organization. Heidi has made it possible for me as an Executive Director without a development team to breath. She has helped us to focus our energies on growth and a clear path to achieve that, and has been a constant support as a thought partner. Heidi has balanced thoughtful advice and guidance with concrete work to help jumpstart initiatives that we could not have accomplished without her expertise. I recommend Heidi wholeheartedly to any organization experiencing leadership transitions and those ready to evolve your development strategies.”

Annie Van Avery, Executive Director


“Heidi did a terrific job leading us up to and through our annual Foundation Board retreat. It really was very well done, one of the best retreats we’ve had during my 16 years at NKC. Heidi’s concrete examples, fun interactive experiences, and specific tips as to how to be successful in major gifts fundraising made everyone feel more competent. I would highly recommend her for retreat planning, training and facilitation!”

Joyce F. Jackson, President & CEO


“Heidi Thomson-Daly was a godsend to our organization. As a small nonprofit with only a few hours a week of committed staff time to development, we knew we needed to move to the next level but didn’t know where to start. Heidi’s expertise guided us through the process, consulting on the scope and hire of a new Development Director and helping us create a Development Plan that worked for our agency. Heidi is truly a gifted consultant – she combined knowledge, professionalism and expertise with enthusiasm and passion as she coached us through our process. We were left not only with an outstanding development plan but with a feeling of confidence about taking our organization to the next level.”

Sheila Capestany, Executive Director


“Heidi is one of the most professional, enthusiastic and passionate individuals that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. As an event strategist she takes an extremely holistic approach, first looking at the big picture and doing detailed analysis before making recommendations and developing the event strategy. She is energizing and inspiring and knows all the right questions to ask that have helped steer Nature Consortium down the right path for our event planning. When I’m asked for consultant referrals in the non-profit event world, she’s the first, and only, person I recommend. Any organization that has the good fortune to work with Heidi will benefit tenfold!”

Nancy Whitlock, Executive Director


“After working with Heidi in her role as a consultant to the Ms. Foundation for Women I can say that I trust her completely to bring an “A” game, without question, all the time. While on a cross-country project she led vital ground work for a new initiative, gracefully navigated multiple needs, and developed a strategic project plan that took into account our unique goals. Heidi brings comprehensive knowledge of fundraising and an immense ability to understand people and connect them with to her work. She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her!”

Ina Clark, Vice President of Development


“Heidi’s expert guidance gave my team the confidence we needed to take our annual Auction and Dinner to the next level. Her strategic approach to fundraising events provided superior direction on how to artfully communicate our mission in an inspiring manner. She assisted our team in identifying areas where funding could be increased and provided direction on how to accomplish our overall event goals. If had to choose 5 adjectives to describe Heidi I would say; strategic, professional, well-informed, compassionate and fun! It is a pleasure to recommend Heidi for any organization requiring a fresh approach to annual fundraising.”

Danielle Thompson, Events and Community Outreach Manager


“As chair of the Development Committee for Women’s Funding Alliance, I had the opportunity to work closely with Heidi in her capacity as Senior Director of Development and Communications. She led the organization through a significant analysis of its fundraising programs and the creation of a multi-year development plan. She partnered with leadership to build a strategy to secure and leverage the organization’s first $1 million gifts and instituted a multi-year major gift circle that grew to over 100 donors in its first year. She revolutionized a long-standing fundraising auction by putting the mission back at the center of the event, and instituted two new events to drive donor acquisition and renewal. Heidi is unique among nonprofit fundraisers in that she is equally skilled at building strong relationships with donors and using data to inform strategy, practice and return on investment. Most importantly, she is passionate about keeping mission at the center of every interaction with staff, board and donors, constantly inspiring new levels of engagement and commitment.”

Dawn Rains, Director of Development and Marketing


“If you are ready to transform your organization, look no further than Heidi Thomson. Heidi has her pulse on what is new and up and coming in philanthropy, events, and making a difference and will apply this to your work to gets results, fast. If you want to work with one of the sharpest and most energetic minds who will help you unleash your institution’s true capacity, hire Heidi. It will be one of the best decisions you make.”

Kathy LeMay, President & CEO


“Heidi is a consummate professional in all definitions of that word.  Having never worked with an interim Chief Development Officer before I was just hoping for the best, but Heidi more than surpassed my loftiest of expectations. She joined our agency at an incredibly critical and sensitive time of staff transition.  She not only won over the entire staff but was able to ‘tackle’ the thorny issues that needed to be addressed with grace and timely accomplishments.  She is an asset and gift to any organization that will allow itself to be guided by her depth of experience and results oriented mind-set. She is missed greatly by all of us (especially me!) and we only hoped we could retain her forever!”

Maria Chavez Wilcox, President & CEO


“At a critical moment in our evolution as an organization, Heidi conducted a thorough and incisive audit of our development operations which identified opportunities and new approaches that will guide our efforts for years to come. Further down the line when we needed temporary leadership in our Development Department, Heidi came on board as interim development director and did an extraordinary job. Her skilled and sophisticated direction inspired staff and board to stretch and reach higher, resulting in increased giving and a deeper level of board engagement. Heidi also served as an encouraging and supportive partner with me, promoting my growth in fundraising and providing a foundation that enabled me to step out of my comfort zone. I couldn’t imagine a more enthusiastic and more upbeat professional than Heidi. We are a stronger organization for her guidance.”

Susan Segall, Executive Director


“Heidi, thank you so much for your outstanding work as Interim Director of Development for the capital campaign for the new Hands On Children’s Museum. As co-president of the board of directors, I am grateful to you for the expertise and assistance you provided to our Executive Director, management, and to the board. Working alongside our leadership, you have been extremely helpful as we open our new, amazing facility in Olympia and start this new journey that has been a dream for so many years. It has been great working with you and I would happily recommend you to any organization in need of your skills.”

Sam Armour, Co-President, Board of Directors


“Heidi Thomson-Daly served as Interim Development Director at EarthCorps in 2012. Heidi was organized, enthusiastic, effecient, and effective. She kept us focused and on track to meet our goals. She helped us reimagine our largest fundraiser which generated record revenue. I could not imagine having gone through a development director transition without Heidi. She is fabulous!”

Steve Dubiel, Executive Director


“Heidi’s expertise in fundraising and nonprofit management is second to none. As the Interim Director of Development at WestSide Baby, Heidi set up systems to ensure we were able to maximize our philanthropic efforts and created tracking and reporting systems to both inform and motivate the Board. I highly recommend Heidi to any nonprofit looking for someone to offer both strategic, high-level insight as well as usable, applicable tools.”

Rachelle Nesta, Board Member and Development Chair


“In the two years I’ve been working with Heidi Thomson-Daly as our strategic fund development consultant, she’s been the most creative, thoughtful, smart, and meticulous professional who delivers spectacular results. I know that if Heidi is involved with a project, that she will deliver a superlative product with maximum impact. I enjoy working with her and learning from her. She can be as out of the box as you permit, or as traditional as required. She has helped us go from start up to bigger start up, creating world-class collateral and strategic fund development plans that have worked and helped us exceed our fundraising goals. Heidi is one of the most talented, fun, and thoughtful consultants I’ve ever worked with.”

Lisa Chin, Executive Director


“Heidi is fantastic.  Her attention to detail and ability to connect donors to the mission and heart of an organization is first rate.   The energy and positive disposition she brings to every project is inspiring and creates an environment where the impossible seems possible. This  combined with a strong set of practical skills allow Heidi to take organizations to the next level and to have a great time  doing it.  I am always excited about the working with Heidi because I know we are going to do amazing things and it is going to be fun.”

Donna Bellew, Philanthropist and Independent Consultant

“Heidi had been serving as the Interim Executive Director when I began and she was instrumental in preparing the organization for a smooth executive transition. In her role, Heidi worked directly with the Board of Directors and was highly effective engaging them in fundraising efforts, achieving outstanding results. As a key member of the senior management team, Heidi provided passionate organizational leadership and demonstrated amazing skills in strategic planning, organizational assessment, department and program restructuring, and was a motivating team leader. As Director of Development and Public Relations, Heidi ensured continuous fundraising analysis, built outstanding relationships with major donors and dramatically increasing individual giving. She designed several different mission focused events in her tenure, and all were carried out with excellent results. I highly recommend Heidi; any organization would benefit from the opportunity to work with her.”

Suzanne Parker, Executive Director


“It is near to impossible to capture the depth of Heidi’s talent in words. Heidi is an exceptional leader who is able to energize entire organizations, from staff to board members. Heidi brings a deep understanding of organizational development to her work. This allows her to work with existing initiatives while developing new ideas, positioning organizations for growth. Any organization looking for someone to develop a new initiative, perfect an existing project, step in as a senior manager, train staff or organize fund raising efforts needs to call Heidi Thomson-Daly.”

Sarah T. Dunton, Director of Youth Development